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MSNBC: Don’t Build The Border Wall Because It Might Hurt Some Bats

REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez

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Animals are dumb, and I don’t like them. I’m also skeptical about the magnificent wall that President Trump keeps promising to build. So I’m ambivalent about the prospect of the border wall hurting animals. I doubt the wall is ever going to be built at all, but if it is, I’m fine with it negatively affecting the enemies of all mankind.

Take it away, MSNBC:

“At the risk of sounding ignorant or foolish, the birds, specifically: Wouldn’t they just be able to fly over the wall?”

“Well, it’s interesting you should say that… Certainly, many animals that can fly can migrate over that wall. But many animals actually stay very low. Many of these animals — for example, birds and bats — are actually passing close to the ground surface because they’re heading towards plants for pollination… Clearly, a wall would be a terrible obstacle for them.”

Well, gosh. Those poor, um… bats.

Bats. Don’t build the wall because it might inconvenience some bats.

Sounds like we need to tear down all human habitation on the planet. What about the bats? How is it affecting the bats? Why don’t you care what we’re doing to the bats???

At this rate we’re going to have eight years of President Trump, followed by eight years of President Pence. Maybe by then, the American left will have simmered down a bit. Or maybe I’m just an incurable optimist.

(Hat tip: Matt Vespa)