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Quirky Toy Vender Gets Screwed Over By Trump But Remains Loyal To The Prez

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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There’s a cure for almost any malady under the sun.

And now there’s one for anyone who feels like a complete idiot when discussing  President Trump inner White House posse. It’s a $12.95 deck of cards and quotes something inspiring each person has said. The deck is called “Donald’s Deck” and it’s fully stacked with 55 playing cards.

Donald’s Deck playing cards — $12.95

The deck includes FNC’s Sean Hannity, who couldn’t be more of a Trump ass kisser unless he was MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough during an “on again” phase of their relationship.

The game’s creator is Jay Kamhi, who’s based in Clearwater, Fla., but was born and raised in New York City and spent 15 years as a street vendor selling quirky toys.

He spent his childhood allowance on things like “Fart” gum.

“It tasted like farts,” he explained in a recent phone interview with The Mirror. “Every kid likes that, right?” Later in life — after he “barely graduated” from high school — he began selling his own “weird brand of toys” on the streets of New York City.

Which was when he first encountered Trump.

It happened in front of Trump Tower in the early 90’s when he was selling disembodied hands.

“Like the hand from the Addams Family,” Kamhi explained. “I had hired a bunch of disabled veterans to work with me. He was walking down the street talking to venders. He got to my stand and he just looked at me in disbelief. I said ‘Hello, Mr. Trump.’ He didn’t say hello to me. There were no words exchanged. He just looked at me.”

Still, Kamhi felt inspired.

“I had read The Art of the Deal. I was a fan,” he said. “It showed me you could get ahead in life without getting a college degree.”

During the election, Kamhi was pro-Trump and still is.  “I didn’t really [favor] any one candidate and then I found myself going from neutral to supporting him,” he said.

Trump earned his vote despite totally screwing him over.

During the campaign, Kamhi created toys representing both camps. But he felt like Trump was getting a raw deal from reporters.

“I had a Hillary laughing pen and I had a Donald Trump taking pen,” he said. “I saw all the negative press that Trump was getting and all the positive press that Hillary Clinton was getting. He felt like the underdog, the little guy. So I started making products that let the public know what the Democrats were doing.”

But then something awful happened.

Last September, Kamhi was flying back to the U.S. from China with $30,000 worth of Donald Trump talking pens. They were all confiscated in customs because the Trump name is trademarked. “They took everything,” he said.

His lawyer called Trump’s lawyer, who initially wondered how much Trump could get in royalties. Ultimately the answer was no. Kamhi said Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) tried to get the pens released, but wasn’t successful.

As a result of making pro-Trump and anti-Hillary toys, he lost business contacts and friends who weren’t happy with his life work. “I had a Hillary button that had her denials about the emails,” he said. “People started unfriending me on Facebook like crazy.”

He blames the mainstream media for voters not being better informed about the positive achievements of the Trump Administration.

This is why he invented “Donald’s Deck” of cards.

“We don’t know as much as we should about the Trump team because so few in the mainstream media are doing in-depth reporting on their positive achievements,” Kamhi said.

During the election, he said he sold out of everything — the Hillary pen, The Donald Talking Pen, which he renamed to get it through customs.

Last May he returned from China with The Donald pen — it’s great and the perfect way to irritate your coworkers all day long. “There’s no way to make it here,” he said. “The technology is not available at the cost that I needed. It really was a pro-Trump pen. I didn’t put anything on it that made him look bad.”

Doesn’t it infuriate him that Trump cost him $30K?

“No it doesn’t,” he said. “I don’t think he personally knew what was going on. I was angry at first of course. But I thought of the country. I made the decision to support him even though he cost me money.”

In the end, he said, it didn’t really matter. Huge Trump supporter Sean Hannity gave away a thousand on his radio show.

“I somehow got rewarded for sticking to my guns,” Kamhi said.

In the deck, Hannity’s profound wisdom comes through: “You can play golf with liberals, be neighbors with them, go out to dinner. I just don’t want them in power.”

There’s also a card for CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who is cast as one of the Jokers. The other is Meryl Streep. Her card reads: “Hollywood Elitist.”

There’s a heartwarming card for Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. It reads, “Be true to yourself and true to your vision and your own values.”

Sec. of State Rex Tillerson sounds like a fortune cookie. His card says, “Just remember that a pat on the back is only 18 inches from a kick in the behind.”

The deck gets into the White House weeds with Sec. of Commerce Wilbur Ross, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley and Director of Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney, CIA Director Mike Pompeo and Hud Sec. Ben Carson, who admitted he tried to stab a classmate to death in the ninth grade.

So far, Kamhi is pleased as pie with Trump’s presidency and hateful toward the media.

“Oh, very happy,” he said. “The press will only report his missteps. They’ll never report anything positive. …There’s always a figuring out stage. He’s still learning the ropes. It’s a brand new game for him.”