Hayden: Russia Flying Planes Into US Territory Is ‘Pathetic’ — They ‘Don’t Want To Go To War With Us’ [VIDEO]

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Gen. Michael Hayden destroyed Russia during a CNN interview Wednesday night, calling the country “pathetic” and “by far the weaker power.”

When Erin Burnett asked the former director of the National Security Agency if President Trump’s aggressions toward Russia make war more likely, Hayden had some harsh words for the wannabe superpower.


“The Russians really don’t want to go to war with us,” Hayden said. “They are by far the weaker power.”

Hayden further criticized Russia for flying “1950, early 60s era” bombers off the coast of Alaska, calling the move “pathetic.”

“You know what that is a bit, Erin? That’s a little pathetic,” Hayden taunted. “That used to be cool in the 1960s, and if that’s what the Russians can now mount as a way to tickle us…wow.”

“Look, great opportunity for training for our Alaskan air forces,” he added with a chuckle.