Male BuzzFeed Reporter Says Sarah Palin ‘Dressed Like An A**hole’

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A senior reporter for BuzzFeed — which is known to run articles like “22 Terribly Sexist Comments Women Have Heard At Work” or “13 times women scientists shut down sexist comments” — publicly trashed former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s clothing on Thursday.

President Donald Trump hosted Palin, and musicians Kid Rock and Ted Nugent at the White House for dinner on Wednesday. (RELATED: Trump Dines With Sarah Palin, Kid Rock And Ted Nugent At The White House)

“So many questions,” BuzzFeed senior reporter Mike Hayes said of the dinner. “First one: Why is Palin dressed like an asshole?” Hayes deleted the tweet after being criticized for it on Twitter, but it can still be seen in screenshot form.


Hayes later offered an apology on Twitter. “Deleted a previous tweet of the photo of POTUS, Kid Rock, Palin and Nugent. Remarks were uncouth,” he wrote. “Apologies.”

BuzzFeed News editor-in-chief Ben Smith did not reply by press time to an inquiry from TheDC asking whether Hayes’ comment meets BuzzFeed’s newsroom standards of behavior and whether Smith believes the comment was sexist.

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