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Team Hillary Wants You To Know How Much Fun The 2016 Campaign Was

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Over the last few days, we’ve been hearing a lot of stories about tension and in-fighting in Hillary Clinton’s camp during the 2016 presidential campaign. But you shouldn’t believe these stories, because her campaign staff posed for a lot of pictures.

Emily Smith, Page Six:

There is a witch hunt underway among Clinton’s presidential campaign staffers after the release of the autopsy book, “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign” by journalists Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes.

We’re told the details in the book, which depicts the campaign as inept, “could only have come from someone in the inner circle…”

One source said, “The knives are out to find the people who spoke about the campaign to the authors of this book.”

Well, I don’t believe a word of it. Not about what happened during the campaign, and not about how Team Hillary is responding to those false allegations now. These are happy, spontaneous, laid-back folks. It’s true, damn you!

Just look at all the pictures Hillary’s former campaign staffers started tweeting in the middle of the night, all at the same time coincidentally:

See? How could all these ugly stories about the campaign be true, when staffers smiled for so many pictures? Working for Hillary must’ve been a blast.

All this stuff about a “witch hunt” for the leakers is silly anyway. After all, what would Team Hillary do to the culprits? Fire them?

Hang in there, gang. You couldn’t drag Grandma over the finish line, but at least you’ve got all those wonderful memories!

(Hat tip: the Stephen Miller who doesn’t work for Trump)