The Greatest Evil Is Denying That All Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Getty Images/DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS

Lloyd Marcus Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee
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In Fresno, at least three more innocent whites were assassinated, victims of Black Lives Matter’s horrifically evil messaging that white lives do not matter.

I watched a documentary on Netflix, “Night Will Fall.” It chronicled the unbelievable inhumanity in the Nazi death camps. Oh my gosh, I was not prepared for what I saw. Even now, I am welling up just thinking about it. How could human beings do what the Nazi’s did to other human beings? There were warehouses filled with huge sacks of human hair, large piles of human teeth and eye glasses of Jews they murdered or starved to death; hills made of hundreds of thousands of skin and bone dead bodies. How could they? Dear Lord Jesus, how could they?

It occurred to me. This is a glaring example of what happens when one group of people believe the lives of another group of people do not matter. And yet, this is exactly what the deplorable satanic organization, Black Lives Matter is advocating. BLM minions are outraged whenever anyone dares to say “all lives matter.”

Remember, when BLM stormed the stage demanding that democrat presidential candidate Martin O’Malley apologize for saying all lives matter? O’Malley shamefully pandered to evil by apologizing.

Illustrating the danger of such thinking, black youths are playing the knocking-out game and polar bear hunting. The goal of both games is to deliver such a powerful punch to an unsuspecting white person that you knock them out with a single blow. Black youths proudly post videos of their attacks on YouTube in which white seniors and women knocked out.

These black youths feel justified because they have been taught by BLM, fake news media and Democrats that white lives do not matter. I remind you again that BLM declared open season on killing whites and cops.

Clearly, BLM’s message that white lives do not matter is resonating. Whites are being raped, beaten and murdered; there is an epidemic of police assassinations. BLM thugs raped and murdered a white girl, then fed her to alligators.

Seventeen BLM activists doused a white girl with gasoline and burned her alive. A white man begged for mercy while BLM thugs beat and dragged him in Charlotte, NC. In Texas, a white veteran was hospitalized, severely beaten by BLM. Black flash mobs attacked white families at a state fair and malls. A black mob beat a 61-year-old white man in Baltimore.

The common-thread connecting these attacks is the belief that white lives do not matter.

I call out all democrat politicians and media who prop up and help promote Black Lives Matter to stop it. BLM is nothing more than a leftist terrorist group, well-paid to wreck havoc in our streets solely for political gain. Democrats, fake news media and Hollywood have blood on their hands. They should be ashamed of themselves. I realize I sound like a grandmother saying that, but it is true.

Ask yourselves, why do BLM and Leftists only care about a black life when it is taken by a white person? Meanwhile, BLM and Leftists refuse to address and even attacks anyone who addresses record-breaking black-on-black murders happening in cities controlled by Democrats for decades.

My brother and sister Americans, we cannot put up with Leftists’ evil divisiveness any longer. It is time for all decent Americans to just say no to Black Lives Matter.

The Nazi death camps are evidence of the horrific consequences of nurturing the Godless lie that all lives do not matter.