Tomi Lahren Takes Glenn Beck And The Blaze To Court Over Daily Caller Article

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Tomi Lahren wants Glenn Beck and The Blaze held in contempt of court after The Daily Caller published a story revealing how Lahren alienated herself from the conservative media company, The Dallas Morning News first reported.

As previously reported by TheDC, Lahren is both suing, and being sued by, Beck and The Blaze. The two parties were under court order to abide by a non-disparagement agreement, which prohibited each from publicly criticizing the other.

TheDC’s story, which relied on sources speaking on condition of anonymity, revealed that Lahren treated her coworkers badly and contained specific details of Lahren’s behavior at The Blaze — like the fact that she required staffers to microwave her “butt warming pad” before she went on air. (RELATED: The Inside Story Of How Tomi Lahren Flamed Out At The Blaze)

Lahren’s attorney, Brian Lauten, claimed that TheDC could only have gotten its information from employees of The Blaze and is asking the court to hold Beck and The Blaze in contempt of court, claiming TheDC’s article was the result of a “smear campaign” pushed by The Blaze.

“It took no less than 48 hours for [Beck and The Blaze] to violate this Court’s order,” Lauten claimed, according to the News, which reviewed the court filings. “This Court should immediately get to the bottom of what appears to be a very transparent attempt at a public smear campaign by Defendants.”

Lauten also claimed TheDC’s story “goes to great lengths to publicly smear, humiliate and embarrass Lahren.”

“Our court filing makes our view of the case clear and we will not comment beyond that,” a spokesperson for The Blaze said in a statement to TheDC. “We do not know who is commenting to the press but we are asking them to please stop and respect the court, the process and ultimately, common decency.”


In their countersuit against Lahren, Beck and The Blaze noted that they were informed of her original suit by members of the media, arguing that Lahren or a person working on her behalf was sending their court filing to the press “in an effort to litigate her claims in the media.” The Dallas Morning News was also first to break the news when Lahren filed her lawsuit against Beck and The Blaze earlier this month.

Lahren was taken off the air by The Blaze after an appearance on ABC’s “The View” where she called pro-life conservatives “hypocrites.” Previously, in front of conservative audiences, Lahren had referred to abortion supporters as “baby-killers.”

Lahren claims she was fired from The Blaze for her pro-choice beliefs, but the company revealed that they are still paying her while keeping her off-the-air. TheDC reported that Lahren’s off-camera behavior had as much to do with her suspension as her on-air statements.

Updated with comment from The Blaze.

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