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Now People Are Monetizing Child Abuse On YouTube

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I’ve never understood the whole “prank” genre. It was kind of funny when Allen Funt did it 50-60 years ago, I guess? But the definition of “prank” has kept expanding over the years, to the point where now it means, “Tormenting your own children until they cry, just so you can get more click-dollars online.”

YouTuber Philip DeFranco explains what’s going on right now with a YouTube “prankster” named DaddyOFive, AKA Mike Martin:

This is nothing but monetized child abuse. It’s disgusting and wrong.

Brittany Britto at the Baltimore Sun has more:

A Maryland couple’s YouTube channel featuring now-deleted videos of what they call “pranks” on their children has sparked outrage from viewers, with many saying that their treatment toward their five children has been abusive…

But Mike Martin, the father who operates under the channel “DaddyOFive,” responded Wednesday morning in a video with his wife, Heather, titled “Family Destroyed Over False Aquisations,” [sic] in which he claimed that many of the pranks are scripted and his children’s ideas…

Baltimore County police said they were reviewing the videos to see whether any were criminal and occurred under their jurisdiction…

Montgomery County police said they received several calls about Martin, who they said lives in Ijamsville in Frederick County. The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Sounds like a game of Hot Potato to me. Does anybody actually want to help these kids?

Here’s a crazy prank the state of Maryland should play on these parents: Take those children away from that unsafe environment and help them recover from the emotional, psychological, and physical abuse they’ve suffered. This guy should be DaddyONobody.

I don’t know what these platforms like YouTube and Facebook Live can do to prevent stuff like this. When you lower the barriers to entry so that pretty much anybody can broadcast their own video and now even stream it live, it’s inevitable that some people are going to abuse it. They’re going to record themselves doing horrible things for attention, and now even money. But when they do, they need to be punished for it. Their victims deserve justice.

Hang in there, Cody.

P.S. It’s even worse than I thought. Check out this deep dive into DaddyOFive’s YouTube channel. He’s torturing these kids.