Bill Maher Goes To Bat For Ann Coulter After UC Berkeley Cancels Speech

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Bill Maher defended Ann Coulter after the University of California, Berkeley canceled her planned speaking event because of “security threats” and then rescheduled it after she accused school administrators of infringing on her free speech.

On his show “Real Time” Friday night, Maher said it is becoming a nationwide problem that colleges restrict free speech unless it’s “exactly what liberals want to hear.”

“Berkeley used to be the cradle of free speech,” Maher said. “And now it’s just the cradle for fucking babies.”

“I feel like this goes on all over the country on campuses — they invite somebody to speak that’s not exactly what liberals want to hear and they want to shut her down. I feel like this is the liberals’ version of book burning. And it’s got to stop.”


“[The First Amendment] doesn’t just mean shut up and agree with me.”