State University Investigates White Supremacist Who Punched Social Justice Warriorette In Berkeley

YouTube screenshot/Nathan Damigo, YouTube screenshot/Jerffrey Guterman

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Officials at California State University, Stanislaus are investigating after a video surfaced showing Nathan Damigo, a 30-year-old white supremacist student at the school, violently punching a far-left, female social justice warrior right in the face.

The altercation occurred last weekend at a free speech rally in Berkeley, California — about 100 miles away — as various factions of the far-right violently squared off against various factions of the far-left (for the third time this year).


Stanislaus State officials initiated the slow-moving investigation on Monday, according to The Signal, a student newspaper.

“The university has zero tolerance of violence and we will take all of the necessary legal and disciplinary measured to ensure that all students and everyone on campus have a safe and secure environment,” Ellen Junn, president of the taxpayer-funded school, said in a statement.

Stanislaus State visiting lecturer Fela Uhuru said he was happy that Damigo violently punched the woman.

“I’m glad that it happened because it’s really showing his true colors,” Uhuru told The Signal. “It’s like he showed his true colors on Saturday by attacking that woman and it showed him as a hypocrite.”

“We must build alliances across racial and ethnic lines,” Uhuru also said. “That’s how we’re going to defeat people like him and people that think like him on the far right. Their heart is filled with hate.”

Uhuru, who specializes in ethnic studies, is himself a political radical. His Ph.D. comes from the California Institute of Integral Studies, a school in San Francisco founded in 1968 by new-age yoga aficionados. Last year, the school gave an honorary degree to former U.S. Communist Party leader Angela Davis. Faculty members include “Starhawk,” a neo-pagan ecofeminist.

Damigo is an Iraq war veteran and a convicted felon. He served five years in prison for armed robbery after pointing a gun at the head of San Diego taxi driver Changiz Ezzatyar. Damigo took $43 from the driver. He also reportedly said the driver “looked Iraqi.”

Prison was a lonely time for Damigo, he told the Los Angeles Times last year.

“That’s when I finally started looking at the more intellectual roots and started researching books and literature on race and identity,” Damigo said.

A book by former Ku Klux Klan imperial wizard David Duke touched Damigo deeply.

Louise Rosealma, the woman Damigo punched, belongs to an anti-fascist collective from Southern California and is as far to the left as Damigo is to the right.

Her Facebook likes include Marxist Internet Archive Users Discussion Group, Unique dreadbeads and Vegan Cyber Army.

Another video of the Berkeley fringe-group rumble shows Rosealma — her face covered with a bandana — tossing M-80 fireworks at far-right protesters, according to The Modesto Bee.

The punch from Damigo produced some bruising and a tiny scratch on Rosealma’s nose.


In 2016, Damigo founded Identity Evropa, a largely male, alt-right group with a fondness for neo-Hitler haircuts and capital letters. On its website, Identity Evropa describes itself as “a generation of awakened Europeans.” Also, despite the name, Identity Evropa only accepts “applicants from the USA.”

This academic year, Identity Evropa’s “Project Siege” has covered college campuses in at least 20 states with Greco-Roman-style racist posters. (RELATED: Hardcore White Supremacists Are Plastering Campuses Across America With Racist Propaganda)

“Project Siege is the beginning of a long-term cultural war of attrition against the academia’s cultural Marxist narrative that is maintained and propagated into society though the indoctrination of the future managerial class. If we are to be successful in combating the current paradigm,” Damigo wrote in an online message about his “Project Siege” plans, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

Identity Evropa’s Twitter feed mentions some variation of “Make America Great Again” a total of 8 times.

Damigo is reportedly majoring in social studies at Stanislaus State.

Last week’s Berkeley rally produced about a dozen injuries and nearly two dozen arrest, according to NBC Bay Area News.

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