MSNBC Cuts To Josh Earnest While He’s Still Getting Mic’d Up [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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MSNBC tasked former White House press secretary Josh Earnest with breaking down former President Obama’s remarks at the University of Chicago Monday, yet the network cut to him a tad bit early.

Host Chris Jansing — who also served a stint in the Obama White house — opened her 1:00 pm broadcast by wishing Earnest some pleasantries before bringing him up on screen.

Josh Earnest (Getty Images)

Josh Earnest (Getty Images)

“He doesn’t have a mic on,” someone on the MSNBC team heard franticly shouted as Earnest just kind of awkwardly looked around.

“Oh, we’re getting him re-mic’d right now,” Jansing covered with a laugh. “Have we got your mic on yet, Josh?”


Second time’s the charm.

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