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Morning Mirror: Media Bubble Fever In The Nation’s Capital

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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“You know, only people in the bubble talk about bubbles. It’s bubbles all the way down.”

Jeryl Bier, freelance writer, The Weekly Standard. He was responding to The Atlantic‘s David Frum, who wrote, “Americans should know each other better generally. But ‘bubble’ talk too often fetishizes ways of life that became atypical by 1930.” See the Politico media bubble story they’re referring to here.



NYT‘s Glenn Thrush: Breitbart News is too legit to quit

On Capitol Hill refusing to credential Breitbart News… 

“The committee is following strict credentialing guidelines – have no beef – but Breitbart News is a legit news outlet that covers the Hill.” — Glenn Thrush, NYT White House reporter. When a follower replies, “Define legit,” Thrush responds, “Their reporters ask questions, report news.”

Black liberal reporter gets panties in wad about white, male reporters 

Watchu talkin’ bout Willis?

“Media’s race/gender bubble (mostly upper middle class white male) is a million times more of a problem than being in mostly blue territoryThe two reporters who did the Politico media bubble story, for instance, Jack Shafer and Tucker Doherty, are both white men.” — Oliver WillisShareBlue, previously with Media Matters. 

Montel’s ‘political director’ is an international jet setter 

“So I’ve never lived anywhere where going to the DMV is a pleasant experience. @INBV in Angola today couldn’t have been easier.” — Jonathan Franks, a HUGE fan of The Mirror when he isn’t dealing with Montel Williams‘ baggage.

Journo Love

“Between @maggieNYT, @AshleyRParker, @GlennThrush and @costareports, we are seeing a wealth of revealing White House coverage. Respect.” — Jim Roberts, formerly with NYT, Mashable.

A warning concerning Bill O’Reilly from Stephen Colbert 

“Bill O’Reilly has a podcast for subscribers to his website, so your grandparents may call you tonight with a ‘computer question.'” — Late night CBS host Stephen Colbert.

The Observer: HuffPost‘s Sam Stein 



Random thoughts from Colby Hall, Mediaite‘s returning INTERIM managing editor 

“Is it must me or has Mediaite regained its clever mojo from 4 or 5 years ago?!”

And this…

“I didn’t really like or respect Gawker but I still miss it. I bet I will feel surprisingly similar about O’Reilly.”

HuffPost reporter is pumped about the site’s makeover 












White House dinner with the justices: Canceled 

Jonathan Karl is ABC News’s White House correspondent.