Hookstead’s Hot Take: Why The Hell Hasn’t ESPN Fired Britt McHenry?

Britt McHenry (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Right USA Now)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Today is armageddon over at the worldwide sports leader ESPN, but so far Britt McHenry seems to have survived the day.

ESPN is currently in the process of laying-off or firing nearly one hundred employees. Some of the biggest names over at ESPN have been axed. Great talents like Ed Werder, Jesse Temple and Scott Burnside were not able to survive the day, despite their incredible talents.

There have also been conflicting reports that ESPN superstar John Buccigross might be gone, or ESPN might hang onto him until the end of his contract.

Buccigross is as real as they come. His legendary antics during his visits to Madison have made him a hero at the University of Wisconsin. He’s the type of man our Founding Fathers would be proud of to have on our side.

If a legend like him might not survive the day then it’s seriously time to ask the main question: how the hell is Britt McHenry drawing a paycheck from ESPN?

McHenry is not known for her on-air talents, but instead for her antics at an impound lot. She behaved like an uneducated spoiled child who thought the world owed her everything. I’ve also seen homeless people who put more effort into their appearance, but that’s really neither here nor there.

She shows no signs of talent at all, and no this isn’t about sexism. There are plenty of talented female on-air personalities who should stick around and excel in their jobs. McHenry just damn sure isn’t one of them.

I also find myself questioning why McHenry, who once claimed there is nothing worse in the world than criticizing her, is even staying at ESPN out of her own freewill. As we’ve covered in the past, she is desperately doing her best to be a hero, and real heroes don’t work for ESPN. Real heroes wear camouflage and work in the dark caves of Afghanistan.

Perhaps the best thing for McHenry is to save what little dignity she has left and join the Navy SEALs. Obviously ESPN is way too small for her big-time personality and heroic qualities, like shining a light on rare diseases. She clearly belongs with an elite team like Delta Force carrying a rifle. That would actually prove the idea she’s been pushing for awhile that she’s somehow an outstanding person. Pick up that rifle Britt and prove me wrong.

ESPN lost a lot of great people today, and the network will not be better off for it. How McHenry has survived this long is a mystery I’m not even sure Sherlock Holmes could solve. If ESPN has more room for talentless hacks, then consider my resume on the way. I might not be at the same elite level when it comes to berating people I perceive to be below me in life, but I’m willing to give it my best shot.

Now go to your fridge, grab a cold beer and pour one out for all the good men and women who ESPN slashed instead of Britt “please treat me like a princess” McHenry.

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