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Vox.com Hates On Obama For Taking Big Payday

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I think Obama is a hypocrite for taking a $400,000 speaking fee, after he spent eight years calling the rest of us greedy. And I think the people paying him that much for one speech are idiots. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t take the money. It’s a whole lot of dough, for doing next to nothing. Even Hollywood superstars don’t make that much per hour, and they actually have to do stuff. Who wouldn’t grab that much cash for giving a dumb speech?

Libs wouldn’t, that’s who. They think Obama has betrayed them, because they think he meant what he said when he told them what they wanted to hear.

Just ask Matt Yglesias at the “explanatory journalism” site Vox.com:

“Ethical.” Heh! I don’t know what’s funnier, that Matt ever thought he knew what Obama actually believes in, or that it took over 8 years for Matt to realize he was wrong.

Wanna know the ugly secret of Obama? It’s not where he was born, or what religion he practices, or who he hung out with before he decided to run for president. No, the ugly secret of Obama is:

He’s just like everybody else.

He was never the Messiah. He was never the Lightworker. He was a fairly average politician who managed to fool enough people in enough places that he was going to give them what he wanted. He was a good enough liar and practitioner of identity politics to get away with it for two full terms. Now he’s cashing in, and the rubes are starting to realize they’ve been had.

Don’t be too smug, though, Trumpkins. It’ll be your turn in 4-8 years. The guy promising you the free candy is lying, no matter which letter he puts behind his name. Can’t trust any of these bastards.