CNN President Complains: ‘Journalism Is Threatened’ By Trump Administration

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CNN president Jeff Zucker thinks journalism is in danger.

Speaking at an awards gala on Thursday, Zucker told attendees that “journalism is threatened by senior officials in our own government.”

The remark appears to be a jab at the Trump administration, if not the president himself, whom Zucker has taken shots at in the past. (RELATED: NYTimes Admits CNN And MSNBC Are Ignoring Rockville Rape)

CNN president Jeff Zucker (REUTERS)

CNN president Jeff Zucker (REUTERS)

Trump has had a hostile relationship with CNN and Zucker.

Zucker claimed in January that Trump wants to “delegitimize journalism.”

Trump, for his part, has repeatedly railed against CNN, calling the network “fake news” and “very fake news” — a term that Trump has been successful in using to get under reporters’ skin. (RELATED: Jeff Zucker Says BuzzFeed Not A ‘Legitimate’ News Organization)

In February, the president claimed that “The FAKE NEWS media” — which he said included CNN, The New York Times, NBC, ABC and CBS — “is the enemy of the American People!”

Trump hasn’t been afraid to call out Zucker personally.

While trading barbs with CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta in February, Trump told Acosta to “ask Jeff Zucker how he got his job.”

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