Joy Behar Compares Trump To ISIS Over His Review Of National Monuments

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter

“The View” host Joy Behar compared President Donald Trump to ISIS Thursday over his review of national monuments.

Behar said what difference was there between the terrorist group ISIS destroying artifacts in the Middle East and Trump after he asked the Department of Interior to review thirty national monuments that were designated over the last 20 years. (RELATED: Joy Behar Slams First Lady: ‘Where’s Melania Going To Go If We Don’t Have Any Sanctuary Cities’)


“This is a man [Trump] who grabs land,” Whoopi Goldberg explained. “This is a guy who has done this around the world. These guys in the U.S. are trying to protect the land because they know that if left to our own devices we would build on every inch of every plot of land.”

“I was thinking when I read this, how is this so different from ISIS attacking all the antiquities in Syria and Libya,” Behar responded. “I mean they just destroy history and we are totally against that. We think it’s a horrible thing they are doing.”

“That’s what he [Trump] wants to do,” she added before co-host Jedediah Bila called her out for comparing ISIS to the current administration.

Earlier in the show, Behar said that the real reason Trump ran for president was so he could cut his own taxes and make more money.

“I really believe that he ran for president just so that he could cut his own taxes,” Behar told the panel. “He had no interest in governing. And to totally enhance his businesses around the world via Ivanka [Trump] or Jared [Kushner]. Everybody’s making money.”

“I am submitting to this court of inquiry, that that is the reason he[Trump] ran, ” she added. “So that he would make money.”