The Latest Episode of ‘America Under Siege’ Will Send Chills Down Your Spine


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Dangerous Documentaries, a project with Capital Research Center, is set to release their latest episode in Trever Loudon’s web series, “America Under Siege”.

Trevor Loudon is an author and political activist from New Zealand and has been working with Capital Research Center on this documentary series.

The episode “Soviet Islam” will be available on Friday, April 28.

In the episode Loudon explores Russia’s influence on radical Islamism and the connections revealed in this film are chilling.

Producer Joseph Klein said, “Showing that there are still so many influential political actors in America whose ideology roots from the Soviet Union’s past meddling in Islamic society is unsettling—and helps explain Russia’s tactics to subvert its enemies from within.”

As the film goes further into detail about the connections Russia has with radical Islam, M. Zuhdi Jasser M.D. the president and founder of American Islamic Forum for Democracy discusses how Nihad Awad, Ibrahim Hooper, and others use the idea of being victimized as a Muslim-American.

Lamis Deek, an attorney and human rights activist, defended Ahmed Ferhani, who pleaded guilty to terrorism charges in court. Deek later said that this was a case of entrapment by the NYPD continuing to blame the problem on someone else.


Linda Sarsour, Executive Director of the Arab American Association of New York, is another “identity movement monger,” as stated by Jasser. Sarsour was a White House Champion of Change, but had bragged about family members who are currently serving time in Israel for terrorist offenses.

Rasmea Odeh was locked up for 10 years in Israel for assisting to put dynamite in a tin for cookies that killed two men. When she came to the U.S. after being released she failed to inform immigration about the charges. Later she left the United States in a plea deal for no more jail time.

All of these situations shine a light on how the problem keeps growing and change needs to happen now more than ever. It may be frightening, but this documentary is something everyone needs to watch in order to know exactly what is going on in this country and around the world.

Loudon’s “Soviet Islam” will open your eyes and allow you to see the bigger picture with the problem our world faces.

“How many people are going to die in supermarkets and sports stadiums and social gatherings because we failed to act now to stop this problem.”