John Kirby: Duterte ‘Could Make A Screw Look Straight’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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John Kirby got in a shot on Rodrigo Duterte during a CNN interview, saying the president of the Philippines “could make a corkscrew look straight.”

CNN host Pamela Brown explained that Trump’s White House invitation to Duterte was “seemingly off-the-cuff” and asked Kirby what he made of that development.


“I’m not surprised if that’s actually the case,” Kirby, former Pentagon press secretary, said. “I think this goes back to the use of the word ‘honored’…in this case, he needs to understand the ramifications of such an invitation.”

“Duterte can make a corkscrew look straight,” he savagely said. “I mean, this guy’s got real problems.”

“So to invite him to the White House is to basically reward him for the behavior,” Kirby concluded.

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