Republican Lawmaker: Conservatives Won’t Be Voting For Spending Bill


Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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WASHINGTON — Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, a founding member of the Freedom Caucus, told CNN’s “New Day” Monday morning that many conservatives will vote against the continuing resolution spending bill in Congress.

“I mean, look, money goes to Planned Parenthood as you said. Money continues to go to Sanctuary Cities but no money for the border wall. I think you’re going to see a lot of conservatives be against this plan this week,” Jordan told CNN host Chris Cuomo.

Lawmakers on both side of the aisle created a $1.07 trillion spending package to fund the government through until the end of September.

The bill does not include some of President Trump’s key pledges, like funding for a border wall and funding cuts to sanctuary cities.

It does include $1.5 billion for other border security measures and a $12.5 billion down payment on Trump’s request to pump up military readiness. That price tag could go up to $15 billion, just half of the president’s original $30 billion request.

“Why did we last fall do a short-term spending bill if we weren’t going to actually fight for the things we told the voters we were going to fight for? So we’d have been, I mean if this is the deal we’re going to get it seems to me we should have just did the bill for the whole year. But we specifically held the vote for; we did a short-term spending bill for this time so that when Republicans controlled the government, we could actually do the things we campaigned on,” Jordan said.

The Ohio Republican added, “This bill doesn’t seem to do that. Plus, it maintains, Chris, this idea that for every new dollar you spend in defense money you’ve got to give the Democrats more money in non-defense. That’s again not what we campaigned on.”

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