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Bill Nye The Evidence-Hidin’ Guy

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Last week I told you how Bill Nye’s views on gender have changed in the past 20 years. These days, he spouts the liberal-left line about “being on the spectrum” and so forth. He even had Rachel Bloom on his new Netflix show to sing an awful song about it. But back in 1996, here’s what his show told kids about it:

Or, as I should say, that’s what his show used to tell kids about gender. That segment is now being rewritten out of history. As Daniel Payne at The Federalist reports:

Last week The Federalist reported on an illuminating segment from a mid-1990s episode of “Bill Nye the Science Guy” that clashes directly with modern transgender ideology. It appears that someone cut this segment from a re-release of the episode…

On Netflix’s collection of episodes of “Bill Nye,” the 23rd episode, entitled “Probability,” is identical to that which originally aired in 1996—except that the segment on sex and chromosomes has been excised completely. The episode offers no explanation whatsoever. The show simply moves from the segment immediately prior the deleted clip to the segment immediately following it.

Orwell was an amateur. Back in “1984,” Winston Smith and his colleagues at the Ministry of Truth had to scour the historical record clean by hand. It was a laborious process. Now, all evidence of thoughtcrime can be erased with a few clicks of a mouse.

That’s Science™!