CNN Political Director Gushes Over Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN Political Director David Chalian could not control his excitement over Hillary Clinton’s latest public appearance, calling it “the most astonishing Hillary Clinton appearance I’ve ever seen.”

Clinton spoke at a Women For Women International Event on Tuesday afternoon, which was aired live by CNN instead of the White House press briefing.

Immediately after the event, CNN cut to Chalian for a nearly breathless reaction to Hillary’s appearance.

“It was perhaps her at her most authentic,” he gushed. “Authenticity is a word we talk about in politics all the time in terms of Hillary Clinton — somehow a deficit of that over her career.”


“Authentically raw, authentically bitter, authentically pissed off, if you will,” Chalian continued.

Chalian even addressed Clinton’s critics during his response, saying they will “slam her for not talking more about how she didn’t visit Michigan and Wisconsin and what have you.”

“But I think what we saw on display there, Wolf [Blitzer], was a real, authentic, and raw Hillary Clinton who was publicly revealing herself in a way that I don’t recall her every doing before,” he concluded.

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