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Fox News’s Tucker Carlson Lands Big Book Deal

(Photo: Fox News screen grab)

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson has landed a whopping book deal.

It’s for two books. The publisher is Threshold Editions. He’s reportedly getting $9 million.

Threshold’s President Louise Burke announced the news Tuesday.

Carlson, host of Fox News’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, has obviously blossomed at Fox News.

After the election, he left Fox & Friends and took over Greta Van Susteren‘s 10 p.m. slot when she fled to MSNBC. And then when Megyn Kelly left for NBC, he moved to 9p.m. With the sudden exit of Bill O’Reilly in the past two weeks because of that whole sexual harassment mess, Carlson has assumed yet another new time slot — 8 p.m. and primetime. The release says his “still young” show is widely cited in many media outlets and many of his segments have “gone viral.”

Threshold called him a “conservative mainstay for the better part of two decades.”

Carlson — who, according to the numerous profilers who tried to figure him out but really couldn’t, once wore a f–king bowtie — remarked that he’s pleased to be working with this company and is “proud to be published alongside so many of my favorite authors.”

Burke said it’s a “thrill” to welcome Carlson “at a time when millions are discovering and responding to his voice.” She called him “smart” and “savvy” and said he “speaks for the conservative future.”

Note to readers: I’m trying my best to pester him for further details, but honestly, considering he hired me for a publication he no longer manages, the whole thing is a little awkward.

When I asked Daily Caller staff to weigh in, blogger Jim Treacher wrote to say, “He can read and write?” Associate Editor Peter Hasson chimed in with this: “I will pay Lauren Duca $100 to read it.” (You can Google to figure out this reference. She was a guest on his show.) TheDC‘s Brian Danza remarked, “Despite all his talents he doesn’t know how to correctly flip people off.”

If I get any more thoughts from the peanut gallery that is my workplace or from Carlson, I’ll bring them to you as quickly as that becomes possible.