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Gay Journalist Accuses Colbert Of Homophobia

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Same sex d–k jokes should be abolished on late-night TV.

At least according to The Intercept‘s openly gay journalists Glenn Greenwald, who wasn’t too thrilled about CBS comedian Stephen Colbert talking about President Trump mouth being a resting place for Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin‘s ding  dong

Greenwald implied that the comedian was turning the act into a political football that is highly insulting to gay people.

“The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster,” Colbert said on his program Monday night.

Colbert’s ratings are skyrocketing these days.

Comedians typically don’t cater to the PC police.

Here’s Greenwald whining:






Greenwald’s following reacted with a mix of people who were offended and those who wondered why the journalist was trying to constrain a late-night talkshow host for an act straight people also do.

“I wasn’t aware that only gay people engaged in oral sex,” tweeted James Thomson, a self-described “liberal elite.”

And here’s a reaction from an offended, aggressively non-straight woman.

“It’s weaponizing LGBTQ identity as a punchline,” wrote Krestin Page. “This is a cishet white man using this reference to belittle another cishet dude. Not ok.”

Page later added she understands how some could find it funny.

But she (I think) stuck to her guns.

“Yeah and it’s a cishet guy applying stigma to gay sex to belittle another cishet dude,” she argued. “It’s an expression of systemic homophobia.”

Please note: The Daily Caller‘s story calls what Colbert said a “homophobic slur.” The Mirror does not agree with that assessment.