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Stephen Colbert Proves That Sometimes Homophobia Is Good

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When you call someone gay as an insult, or make a reference to him performing a homosexual act in order to humiliate him, the underlying premise is that there’s something wrong with it. Why else would it be an insult?

Stephen Colbert thinks being gay is wrong.

Thomas Phippen reports:

Stephen Colbert threw a series of harsh insults at President Donald Trump on “The Late Show” Monday, ostensibly to defend the honor of fellow CBS employee John Dickerson…

At one point, Colbert said “In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster.”

Take that, gay men. You’re the worst thing Stephen Colbert can imagine.

This is hardly the first time Colbert has gone there. After the election, during a pre-taping Q&A, he was asked for the one question he would ask Trump. His reply:

But now Colbert is using an anti-gay slur as an insult on the air. CBS must be proud.

Look, I don’t like Trump either. So far, he’s not functioning any better in office than I thought he would, and he hasn’t done much to make me regret not voting for him. (I’m a fan of Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch, although Mitch McConnell did most of the heavy lifting there.) But that doesn’t make Trump a Putin puppet, and it doesn’t excuse homophobia on network TV in 2017.

Just kidding! It’s okay, because Democrats didn’t get what they wanted and they’re really angry. The old rules are out the window. It’s different when they do it.

Now it’s a sprint to alienate as many undecided voters as possible before November 3, 2020. Don’t let us stop you, Stephen.