Fight Breaks Out On ‘The View’ Over Why Hillary Lost

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Things got contentious on “The View” Wednesday when the ladies talked about why Hillary Clinton lost the election.

The conversation was sparked after Clinton said Tuesday that she would be president today if it weren’t for Jim Comey’s letter and “Russian Wikileaks.”  (RELATED: Bill Maher Skewers Hillary Clinton For Returning To The Spotlight)

“Every time I see her [Clinton] do an interview I am waiting for a moment where she doesn’t blame anyone but herself,” Jedediah Bila said. “And acknowledges why she lost. The reason why she lost was because her foreign policy at the state department was a disaster. She lied to people. She made the decision…”

“Don’t bring up the lie,” Whoopi Goldberg interjected. “Please don’t bring up lying. Don’t bring up lying about people, cause if we are going to compare.”

“About the server,” Bila quipped. “No, I am not here to compare one.”

“I can hear you on the other stuff,” Goldberg explained. “But the lying I just can’t handle.”

Co-host Sarah Haines, who admitted voting for Clinton, said she thinks the former secretary of state is still missing the reason for her loss.

“But she won three million more votes than Donald Trump did,” Sunny Hostin jumped in. “The bottom lines is the F.B.I. is investigating [Donald] Trump’s Russia ties since July and they only mentioned that this March. If they mentioned it….What cost her the election, I agree with Van Jones in a sense, this was a whitelash. I think after eight years of a black president there was no way that this woman was going to win.”

“Who they elected twice.. the country elected a black president twice because he was a good candidate,” Bila snapped back. “She was not a good candidate.”

“You know what let’s face it, [Vladimir] Putin won to make American great again,” Joy Behar said.