Hookstead’s Hot Take: My Sincerest Apologies To Britt McHenry

Britt McHenry (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Right USA Now)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Just kidding. I have nothing to apologize for, but here you are reading the article, which is the last thing in the world Britt McHenry wants.

Late last night, I was enjoying a few adult drinks with my co-workers as we celebrated one of our former co-workers who had moved on to a new job. I had a few Miller Lights, a few Corona Lights (trying to watch my figure for beach season) and overall a great time was had by everybody.

Eventually, I got into an Uber and went home. Upon arriving home a source, who I’ve been in communication with for the past week, sent me a screenshot from Britt McHenry’s Facebook page. It became crystal clear to me that McHenry was not pleased with my “Big J Journalism” chronicling her career.

Writing 5+ articles to bash someone is reckless, obsessive, and exploitative for clicks. It’s certainly not journalism. Make no mistake, using my name in this blog’s headlines is for clicks. Will not dignify the writer’s name to give him the attention he so desperately seeks. Also, for those asking, I’m employed through spring of 2018. So, it’s all good,” McHenry wrote to her fan base on Facebook.

As I saw her status, I found myself thinking about how different things could be. Two young people, myself obviously much younger, in the beginnings of their careers choosing very different paths, which yielded different results.

To be fair, the whole “I’m employed through spring of 2018” was a revelation and worth noting. I’m not a lawyer, mostly because dudes with my rugged good looks choose other career paths, so I’m not sure how ESPN contracts work. I’ll just have to take her at her word.

However, it’s another day and another outstanding McHenry “look at me” moment. I never bashed anybody. I pointed to the facts on the table. If she’s not happy with the fact she’s on camera berating a defenseless woman, then that’s on her.

Secondly, I don’t seek attention. I’m more like Batman. When I see injustice in the universe I jump to help the defenseless. I do my best work in the shadows. It’s where I thrive. However, some might make the argument that issuing a public apology that is essentially a thinly veiled attempt to pat yourself on the back is “desperately” seeking attention. Am I a hero for putting the issues above myself? Honestly, I don’t know, but I certainly never asked to be a hero.

Finally, I don’t need to use McHenry’s name to get readers. I have more readers than ESPN has viewers for some of their shows, and The Daily Caller is doing great. Don’t give yourself too much credit McHenry. However, I understand that this must not be an easy time, and I am indeed a very nice and generous guy. Even if she doesn’t want to believe it.

So if McHenry would like to work as my intern for the summer, I am willing to take a look at her resume. Otherwise, I hope we can finally put this whole thing behind us. Now, it’s time to crack open a cold beer and move on to the next important “Big J Journalism” event.

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