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Never Forget: Democrats Tried To Blame Andrew Breitbart For Weinergate

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Now that Weiner is popping up again (sorry) in the news, I thought we could all look back and enjoy a classic moment in the history of Weinergate.

Our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters now try to pretend that they knew Weiner was a perv all along, but they didn’t. They actually tried to blame Andrew Breitbart for the photos Weiner texted to all those women. On June 6, 2011, Weiner was scheduled to give a press conference to admit that he, not some “hacker,” sent the photos that would end his political career. When Weiner came late (sorry again), Andrew hijacked the entire press conference.

And it was wonderful.

They blamed the messenger then. They’re blaming a different messenger now. It’s their only play. It’s all they’ve got.

Back then, who would’ve thought that Breitbart and Weiner would still be in the news six years later? Except now it’s Breitbart.com’s Steve Bannon in the White House. And Weiner put him there.

Anthony Weiner put Donald Trump in the White House.

P.S. As Stephen Colbert might put it, it’s great to have Weiner back in our faces.