Trey Gowdy Calls Out FBI Director’s Inconsistencies [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Trey Gowdy called out the inconsistencies in FBI Director James Comey’s handling of the US-Russia probe and Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, host of “The Situation Room,” asked Gowdy to respond to a tweet from Rep. Adam Schiff alleging that Comey “concealed [the] Trump invest[igation]” but “spoke about Clinton.”

“He’s suggesting there’s a double standard,” Blitzer said. “Do you agree with him?”

Gowdy seemed to agree that there were inconsistencies involved, but was unconvinced that those inconsistencies favored Trump more than Clinton.


“He told us at the end of the investigation that he was not going to pursue charges against Secretary Clinton,” the congressman explained. “That’s a little different than having that conversation on the front end of the investigation.”

“Although in this case, he has told us on the front end,” Gowdy said of the US-Russia investigation. “He told us last time we had a public hearing that there was an investigation, either intelligence or quasi-criminal investigation, into matters surrounding Russia’s efforts to interfere with our election.”

“It’s unusual to have that press conference on the front end of an investigation,” he asserted.

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