Collins: CBO’s Healthcare Scoring Is ‘Ludicrous’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Republican New York Rep. Chris Collins thinks people shouldn’t rely too much on legislative scoring by the Congressional Budget Office because their predictions on healthcare coverage don’t “make any sense.”

During a Thursday evening CNN interview, Collins didn’t seem bothered that the GOP did not have a CBO score on the amended American Health Care Act before passing it in the House.

Host Wolf Blitzer suggested that Collins was only listening to the CBO when it fit his political motivations.

“No. The CBO does a good job on dollars and cents,” Collins said. “They proved with Obamacare they don’t really know how to estimate things like numbers of folks covered. They missed by a wide margin on Obamacare.”

“2018: No changes whatsoever to Obamacare and yet they’re saying 14 million Americans will lose their coverage next year,” he explained. “There’s only 10 million people in all of America in the individual exchange. Right then and there, Wolf, it shows you how ludicrous their numbers are.”


Blitzer asked if this meant Collins would not rely on CBO scoring in the future.

“They will be proven wrong…when we see that very few people may have dropped out of insurance, and if anyone did it has nothing to do with the American Health Care Act which doesn’t go into place until 2020,” Collins said.

“[Their assertion] doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.”

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