Former UN Consultant Whitewashes Female Genital Mutilation As ‘Gender-Egalitarian Surgeries’

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An anthropologist who worked as a consultant for the United Nations and previously worked for the federal government whitewashed the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) as “gender-egalitarian surgeries” in an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Wednesday night.

Dr. Fuambai Ahmadu compared the brutal practice to male circumcision and complained that FGM opponents have “conflated” minor operations — which she referred to as a “nick” — with the most severe cases of female genital mutilation.


Ahmadu insisted that she does “not defend FGM,” explaining, “I don’t identify with the term FGM, with the term ‘mutilation.’ I don’t know anyone in my family who does or my community, and from over 25 years of research I have done in the field, I say the great majority of women who are affected by what I call ‘female circumcision practices’ do not see themselves as mutilated.”

“When we use the term ‘female genital mutilation,’ automatically, a certain image comes to mind,” Ahmadu complained, “an image that has really been put out there for over 30, 40 years, in the media, the mainstream media, obviously, through efforts and women’s groups. It is the idea of the most horrific type of procedure,” which Ahmadu claimed “makes up less than 10 percent of the entire prevalence of the procedures in sub-Africa and across various parts of the world.”

Ahmadu also claimed that Michigan doctor Jumana Nagarwala, who was accused of mutilating two young girls, only performed a “nick” on the girls and that the victims weren’t actually mutilated. A medical review performed on the girls found they were, in fact, mutilated.

Ahmadu worked at the United Nations Children’s Fund in the early 2000’s as a “lead consultant” according to her Linkedin. She later worked from 2008 to 2010 at the National Institute of Child Health and Development, which falls under the US Department of Health and Human Services.

The entire interview can be viewed below.


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