Krauthammer: Conservatives Are Losing On Healthcare [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Charles Krauthammer believes single-payer healthcare may not be as far off as conservatives and Republicans would have hoped.

On Fox News Thursday night, Tucker Carlson asked Krauthammer if he believes guaranteed coverage for preexisting conditions is now “sacrosanct.”

“Absolutely sacrosanct,” Krauthammer said. “I think what conservatives and Republicans are beginning to understand is how the fundamental view of healthcare among the American people has changed.”

While the pundit believes Obamacare is performing poorly and was a political disaster for Democrats, he argues that it had one major victory.

“Over these past seven years people’s expectations have changed,” he said. “The grounds [for healthcare debate] are all liberal grounds…It’s showing that the country is at a point where I think it believes in universal coverage.”


“I think [single-payer] is where we’re going,” Krauthammer told Carlson. “I will guarantee you this…within a few years there won’t even be an argument about whether or not government has an obligation to ensure that everybody gets health coverage.”

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