Pelosi: GOP Health Care Will Be ‘Great Civics Lesson’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Nancy Pelosi said during a press conference Thursday that the only positive thing about the Republican-led health care plan is that it will be a “great civics lesson” because constituents will know that their congresspeople took away their health care.

“Republicans are maliciously, again, attempting to destroy health care coverage for the American people,” Pelosi said. “This is, I would almost say, a welcome debate. I would hope that they would realize that this is bad for the country.”

“I do say that it is good in one respect,” the House minority leader admitted. “It’s going to provide a great civics lesson for America.”


Pelosi guessed that people will be so angry with the health care bill that they will finally figure out who represented them in Congress.

“…people don’t even know who their congressperson is in many places,” she said. “Now they’ll find out. They’ll find out that their congressperson voted to take away their health care.”

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