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Biological Mom Of DaddyOFive’s Two Youngest: ‘I Had An Anxiety Attack’

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Mike and Heather Martin, AKA DaddyOFive and MommyOFive, gained a lot of YouTube subscribers and made a lot of money by physically, mentally, and emotionally torturing their children. Now their professional child-abuse career is over, and the biological mom of the two youngest kids is speaking out.

T.J. Holmes, Shannon Crawford, and Lauren Effron, ABC News:

The biological mother of two children featured in “prank” videos their father and stepmother posted on YouTube, which garnered widespread backlash and allegations of child abuse, says she was horrified when she saw how her children were treated.

“It was very painful. I cried. I had an anxiety attack,” Rose Hall told ABC News’ “Nightline…”

“I’m glad I wasn’t in the same room as Mike and Heather at the time they did that to my children,” she added.

The Martins should be glad all of us weren’t in the same room.

At this point, I’m just glad Emma and Cody are back with their real mom, away from the monsters who exploited them for YouTube ad revenue. It’s disturbing to me that so many people wanted to watch literal child abuse online — over 750,000 subscribers before it imploded — and YouTube just let it happen. Just took the ad money and turned a blind eye.

YouTube the company needs to answer for this, but the YouTube community is to be commended. YouTubers like Philip DeFranco, Nerd City, and others kept this story alive until it got picked up by the national media. They helped those kids escape that nightmare. They saw that the platform they love was being used for something evil, and they helped put a stop to it.

There are still three kids left in that house. I hope they’re okay. They didn’t do anything to deserve this.