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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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The President of the United States has made a commitment since taking office: Buy American, Hire American. He even signed an executive order to that effect, protecting Americans all across the country. As patriots, we can and should do our best to assist him in this effort.

A new company called “Makeup America!” knows that we owe this to our fellow Americans. So they launched a line of cosmetics that are made in these United States and named after patriotic themes. Women, you now have a truly America branded makeup company to purchase your cosmetics, without having to buy from the foreign competitors. Men, you can now help the women in your life pay down the national debt as they look beautiful! After all, American made products are the best in the world, and its about time the cosmetics industry caught up to that fact!

Makeup America! has a vast selection of lipsticks and nail polishes made in the America. And many of them “priced affordably starting at $13.76, in honor of the 13 original colonies, and $17.76, in honor of our Declaration of Independence.” These are American products through and through. Even better, for each product purchased, Makeup America! contributes $1 toward paying down the national debt.

You should check out Makeup America’s entire catalogue. But here are a few examples:

Photo via Makeup America!

Photo via Makeup America!

Independence Cream lipstick — $17.76

Photo via Makeup America!

Photo via Makeup America!

Gold Standard nail polish — $13.76

Makeup America’s empowering story makes a strong case for the importance of paying down the national debt:

It slows the economy, prevents investment in education, research and development, and infrastructure. It depresses the job market and drives up interest rates, especially on student loans. It impacts small businesses, many which are owned by women, and prompts the threat of cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, of which women are the largest beneficiaries.

So buying this cosmetic line helps out Americans in more ways that one. Please join Makeup America!Do Good, Look Great! and Buy American!

Photo via Makeup America!

Photo via Makeup America!

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