Gingrich: Dems’ Answer Is ‘Bankrupt The Country’ [VIDEO]

Fox News

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Newt Gingrich said the next challenge for the GOP will be selling the AHCA to constituents against the Democratic message of single-payer healthcare.

“Let’s be clear, the Democrats’ answer is ‘let’s bankrupt the whole country, spend whatever we can come up with, and ultimately go to a single-payer system to make Bernie Sanders happy,'” Gingrich told Bill Hemmer on Fox News Friday morning.

“Republicans have to be prepared to go back home, show in the bill, ‘Here’s what happens with preexisting conditions. This is why you’re safe.'”

“Now if you think the government should be the monopoly provider of healthcare, then this ain’t your cup of tea,” he continued.


Hemmer brought up comments made by Charles Krauthammer Thursday that America is on the path to single-payer healthcare in just seven years.

“And Krauthammer spent a year and a half writing Donald Trump couldn’t win,” Gingrich shot back.

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