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Glenn Beck Launches Biggest Insult Possible At Colbert: ‘You Have Become Me Circa 2009’

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Considering all the TV tears, emotional breakdowns and abandoning and screwing over The Blaze to hang out with “Lyin”” Ted Cruz in 2016, there’s not a lot Glenn Beck could say without sounding like an idiot.

Except, well, there is just one thing.

The conservative commentator went on his radio show Thursday morning and gave CBS late-night show host Stephen Colbert an emotional warning about his nightly whippings of President Trump. Colbert, a comedian who clearly thinks Trump is the anti-Christ, made what some believe was a homophobic slur while denouncing the president earlier in the week. Certainly The Intercept‘s Glenn Greenwald was offended.

Colbert — thankfully — refused to apologize entirely. But he did walk back his words, saying he wouldn’t use them again. He wouldn’t even repeat them in his non-apology.

“The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster,” Colbert said during his Monday monologue. The network bleeped out the word “cock.”

His regret amounted to this: “While I would do it again, I would change a few words that were cruder than they needed to be,” he said on Wednesday’s program. He said Trump could handle his insults — after all, he’s got the launch codes.

Beck is just looking out for Colbert — right?

“The point is, since this has started, I have said to the media, you can bash me, I will take all the bashing you want,” he told his listeners. “Please, please don’t make the same mistake I did, because it will end the same way, and it will cause even more division. Stephen Colbert, probably the coldest ice water I could throw over your head to try to wake you up is: you have become me circa 2009…. and what you are doing Stephen Colbert, I know, I know what you are doing. I’ve been there, it doesn’t work. The vitriol that you feel for me, that’s what you are causing on the other side… The way to win is to not play the game.”

Please. And miss all those high ratings?

This warning will go in one pointy ear and out the other.