How The Alt-Left Promotes Rape And Pedophilia

Liz Crokin Freelance Writer
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Democrats brag that they’re the party for women’s rights and the children and they especially love to pat themselves on the back for being so-called champions for sex crime victims. That’s a lie. In reality, their stance on certain policy issues such as illegal immigration, refugees, sanctuary cities and transgender bathroom rights are enabling sexual predators by creating environments where rapists can more easily prey on women and children. Furthermore, fringe elements of the alt-left are now directly tied to pedophile groups such as NAMBLA. The leftist media along with Sharia Law embracing liberals and some members of the LGBT movement are not only attempting to normalize rape and pedophilia – they are pushing to legalize the rape, torture and genital mutilation of children. President Donald Trump’s policies, on the other hand, are and will continue to put a stop to these horrendous sex crimes against women and children but it’d be much easier if the left would stop fighting him on these issues.

There’s no question there are sexual predators in both parties; however, the left’s agenda is without a doubt enabling rape and pedophilia. I believe that there are droves of decent people in the Democratic Party who condemn sexual assault; yet, they simply don’t understand how the policies they support not only embolden and enable sexual predators but they’re also causing sex crimes to flourish in our country.

Illegal immigration and sanctuary cities foster sex crimes and human trafficking for many reasons. First of all, our illegal immigration policies have allowed sex offenders and pedophiles to come into our country and sexually assault American citizens. Sanctuary city policies protect illegals that are the worst of the worst including murderers, rapists and pedophiles. Recently, Chicago’s sanctuary city status allowed a Mexican illegal felon to rape and murder a woman named Tiffany Thrasher on Easter Sunday. Also in April, Virginian authorities charged a previously deported illegal from Mexico with raping a 12-year-old. In March, the community of Rockville, Maryland was rocked after news broke that two men in the United States illegally gang-raped a 14-year-old girl in the local high school bathroom.

No one ever talks about this – which Trump pointed out in a recent interview with Fox’s Eric Bolling about the building of the border wall – but women and children who come to the States illegally are some of the biggest targets for sexual assaults and sex trafficking. If they’re in the United States illegally they are not documented so they have no social security card, ID, etc. In the eyes of the government, they do not exist. This makes them extremely vulnerable to sex traffickers and predators because there’s no record of their existence. In effect, they’re less likely to be looked for if they go missing and less likely to be believed if they attempt to report a sex crime. Furthermore, there are a staggering number of illegal women and children who do not report rapes committed against them for fear that they’ll be deported. On April 25 Trump tweeted that he’ll build the wall and it will help stop human trafficking. “It [the wall] will get built and stop drugs, human trafficking etc.” Trump’s plan to secure the border and build the wall to stop illegal immigration will be a huge step forward in lowering America’s sex crime stats and ending sex trafficking.

The leftist media and some members of the LGBT community are also pushing to normalize pedophilia. Salon has published articles claiming pedophiles aren’t monsters. Salon writer Todd Nickerson posted a video justifying his sexual fantasy for a 5-year-old girl, and he said his sexual desires for children are so insatiable that he had to excuse himself to go masturbate while he babysat once. Also, the leftist policy that enables any man – regardless if he’s dressed as a woman or had sexual reassignment surgery – to use a women’s bathroom have lead to many sexual assaults on children. Incredibly not only does CNN’s Chris Cuomo defend perverts on this issue, he tweeted that a 12-year-old girl who doesn’t want to see a grown man’s penis must be the problem or her father must be intolerant. There’s a whole movement on-line as well of fringe people in the LGBT community pushing to add “P” for pedophile to the LGBT acronym to normalize child sexual predators. Many of those same people are calling for the legalization of sex with children. We also have the ladies of The View who were up in arms over Bill O’Reilly’s sexual harassment allegations and Trump’s comment about grabbing pussy. However, they never had much outrage over the allegations that Bill Clinton raped and sexually assaulted several women or that he took 25 trips to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s island where the billionaire kept underage sex slaves.

Similar to the left’s policy on immigration, their open door policy that has brought droves of unvetted refugees into the country has also lead to many sexual assaults. One of the most egregious cases involves three Muslim refugees who gang-raped and urinated on a 5-year-old special needs girl in Idaho. Sadly, rape and pedophilia is not only common in many Muslim countries – it’s legal. This is why these horrendous rapes should come as no surprise to anyone who is educated about Sharia Law, and one of the reasons why Trump’s travel ban and calls for extreme vetting is necessary. Also, some Muslims are bringing their barbaric practice of genital mutilation on children into America. Fortunately, Trump’s Department of Justice is cracking down on this, and authorities recently arrested two doctors for arranging genital mutilation procedures. However, instead of marching in the streets for the 5-year-old gang-rape victim or the victims of genital mutilation, liberals instead flocked like the sheep straight out of Animal Farm, dressed up in vagina costumes no less, to allegedly march for women’s rights. However, their protest was organized by a pro-Sharia Law advocate who has terrorists ties.  Newsflash to all pussy hat-wearing liberals: you can’t be for the equal rights of women and for Sharia Law. Women have no rights under Sharia Law.

As if the left’s agenda wasn’t detrimental enough to sex crime victims, over the weekend The Daily Caller reported that the leftist militant group commonly known as BAMN – responsible for the multiple violent riots in Berkeley against Trump supporters – has deep ties to the pedophile group North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). BAMN’s parent organization worked directly with NAMBLA and a member of that parent company is also an admitted member of NAMBLA.

So there you have it. The next time you hear a Democrat claim to be an advocate for sex crime victims, women’s rights and children — educate them on how leftist policies actually hurt these groups and are enabling pedophiles and rapists. The red pill is a hard pill to swallow, but after it’s taken, it’s much easier to sleep at night and look yourself in the mirror in the morning.