MSNBC Guest Curses Live On Air [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Much to the chagrin of host Stephanie Ruhle, an MSNBC guest cursed during a Friday health care debate and smirked when she called out his mistake.

Ruhle asked Jonathan Bush, CEO of athenahealth, how the American Health Care Act would help people who face health care discrimination from their employers.

“If I’m a small business owner and I look and I say, ‘Well, it’s gonna cost me more to hire her because she might have a baby … isn’t that going to affect everyday Americans?”

“Well, that’s true today. It’s been true forever,” Bush said.

“Anybody who’s foolish enough to miss out on a woman because she’s gonna have a baby in their workplace is gonna have a shitty company,” he continued.

Ruhle cut off her guest when she realized he had cursed on air.


“Johnny, Johnny, there’s nothing appropriate about cursing at 9 o’clock in the morning on television either, so I’m going to apologize on your behalf,” she said angrily.

Bush clearly wasn’t bothered by Ruble’s chiding, responding “whoopsie” and flashing a smirk.

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