Ryan Zinke Has A Small Dog With An Awesome Name

REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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People have already been enchanted with Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke for riding a horse to work, and now it’s been discovered he has an incredibly precious dog with a really cool name.

Zinke brought his little pup named Ragnar to the Interior Friday, according to a tweet by Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Dlouhy.

Ragnar was a viking king immortalized in Old Norse poetry and stories, meaning this black and white Havenese dog’s name far outranks its size.

The pupper previously stole hearts at the Interior on April 26 after Zinke announced that the department would be “dog-friendly.”


When making the announcement, Zinke said that “Opening the door each evening and seeing [Ragnar] running at me is one of the highlights of my day.”

Zinke is clearly quite the animal-lover, previously riding a horse to his first day of work.


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