Sanford: ‘I Did Not’ Attend The Rose Garden Ceremony [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Republican South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford said he did not attend the Rose Garden victory celebration after the House passed the AHCA because felt it was inappropriate and premature.

“Did you go to that White House rally after the vote?” MSNBC Craig Melvin asked Friday afternoon.

“I did not,” Sanford said. “That’s kinda like George Bush going up on top of the aircraft carrier and saying ‘mission accomplished.'”

“I mean, you gotta be careful about these things, people get ahead of their skis and it can come back to bite ’em,” he continued.

Sanford also suggested the celebration was inappropriate given the context and debate surrounding the healthcare vote.

“This is a solemn issue. It’s a weighty issue,” he explained. “So the idea of high-fiving and spiking the ball in the end zone I think is dangerous.”

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