The Audacity Of A Monumental Library

Obama Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

Michael Hudome Michael J. Hudome is a Republican media consultant whose clients have included John McCain for President, all four national committees and several current and former members of the House and Senate.
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Presidents build libraries. Barack Obama builds a monument to himself.

The proposed Obama presidential library in Chicago is a latter-day pyramid. Albeit one for a president who led his people to a one thousand seat loss during his reign. But the pseudo pharaoh himself turned out just fine.

Obama is a man with no lack of confidence, the trait that carried him to the White House twice. After all, running for President in 2008 he arrogantly declared, “we are the ones we have been waiting for.”

This monument to himself matches the size and scale of his ego. For sure, the renderings seem to reveal an architectural masterpiece. Hell, it could be the eighth wonder of the modern world by the time the ribbon is cut and the champagne gets popped.

And therein lies the problem. It is grossly un-presidential just like the man who had no problem putting his feet up on the Oval Office desk or forgetting to salute a Marine as he boarded Marine One.

I’m not one of those inclined to excoriate the former President for his exorbitant speaking fees. We live in a capitalist country. Good for him. However, his library need not be an ostentatious undertaking.

The animus Obama’s detractors harbor regarding his wealth is based on the obvious incongruity between the policies he advanced and the regal lifestyle he now enjoys. Obama over regulated the financial industry every chance he had. He never missed an opportunity to insult Wall Street. As a former president with nothing to worry about, Obama profits from Wall Street.

The ironic part about Democrats bashing Wall Street is, if you take a close look, it’s the socialist leaning liberals who are getting rich. Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton are in the pantheon of ironically rich liberals.

To be certain, it is quite amusing to see his former so-called allies whining about speaking fees. Word on the street is Obama never really made any friends in Washington. Maybe that is what is playing out in full public view now.

Yes, these folks are hypocritical. However, I must caution my fellow campaign warriors that hypocrisy regarding lifestyle is not a winning electoral strategy.

Building a presidential library is a massive financial and intellectual undertaking. The Chicago Tribune reports the monument will cost upwards of $500 million to build with the former President himself contributing a measly $2 million. This enterprise certainly smells more financial and less intellectual.

Building a presidential library doesn’t typically include ripping up major traffic arteries and creating nightmare commutes for the people who can’t afford to contribute to a library or pay to see the former President speak.

Some good spin to consider is this enormous project will create jobs. After all, tearing up and building new roads will be a massive works project.

For Barack Obama, audacity is always in vogue. So, if you have ever wondered who the real Barack Obama is, as some do, the monument to himself is all you need to see.