Dingell: ‘I Wanted To Cry’ Over AHCA [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Rep. Debbie Dingell said Sunday she “wanted to cry” over the AHCA vote and was “deeply disturbed” by the number of white men involved in its passage.

“Most of your [Senate] colleagues…have said that they’re gonna back to square one on [the AHCA],” said MSNBC host Thomas Roberts. “But it’s a majority of men. I think 13 men on the Senate side reviewing this.”

Dingell sighed and rolled her eyes before responding.

“Look, it deeply disturbed me,” Dingell said. “I watched in shock the picture of the Rose Garden after what happened in the House. I really wanted to cry.”

“When you realize who it is that’s celebrating this and then hear that its the 13 white boys–sorry to say it that way–that are going to be doing this in the Senate I get very concerned.”

“These are real issues…and these guys don’t live these kinds of issues every day,” she concluded.

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