Farage: Le Pen Will Win In 2022 [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Nigel Farage made quite the prediction for the next French presidential election, asserting that Marine Le Pen will win in 2022.

Fox News asked Farage if Emmanuel Macron’s landslide victory over nationalist Le Pen was a signal that the populist wave in Europe is over.

The UKIP leader denied that claim, arguing that while the National Front had some “baggage” this election, Marine Le Pen received more support from young people than Macron.

“Generationally, it’s the older people that are sticking to the old European model and the younger people that are rejecting it,” he explained.

“I would say this to you: she got 35 percent this time, in 2022 I believe she’ll win.”


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