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Misogynist Democrats Celebrate Another Win For The Patriarchy In France

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Throughout the 2016 United States presidential election, we were told that the deciding factor between the two major-party candidates was their respective reproductive organs. For hundreds of years America had elected presidents with penises, and it was finally time for a change. Hillary Clinton is a woman, and therefore she represented all women. She has a vagina, and her opponent just likes to grab ’em! (So does Bill Clinton, of course, and his wife helped him get away with it for decades. But never mind all that.) Hillary’s victory was going to be a victory for women everywhere. She was going to shatter the glass ceiling and laugh at all the male tears. It was going to be so amazing.

Then she lost, and now Democrats have gone back to hating women. They’re back to celebrating a white guy mansplaining how an entire country should be run. They’re back to reveling in their male privilege and rape culture.

Even Grandma herself is getting into the act:

By their own standards, these Democrats hate women and fear women and want to keep women in their place. They can’t stand the idea of a woman in power, and they sneer with evil glee when they defeat a woman. A politician’s policies and personality are secondary to the fact of her gender, and that’s the only explanation for why these Dems are so happy.

So now, Le Pen supporters get to spend months and months whining about losing the election. They get to blame everybody but the candidate herself, and they get to swoon every time she makes a public appearance. “It shoulda been her!

That’s how it works, right?

Just kidding. Democrats are never subject to the standards they impose on everybody else. Their rules apply to everyone but themselves. That’s why they’re Democrats.

Their message to little girls everywhere: You can grow up to be anything you want to be, unless you want to be the president of France. Now: Entrez dans la cuisine et faites un sandwich.