Psychoanalyst: Blame ‘Sugary Drinks’ For People Being Fat [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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A psychoanalyst joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News Monday night, and claimed that body shaming is unacceptable because it is not the fault of obese people that they are overweight.

The Daily Caller co-founder asked Dr. Bethany Marshall why she took issue with a subway ad linking obesity to cancer, and she said it’s not fair to blame people for being fat.

“The problem is the body shaming, the blaming, if they want to blame…why don’t they blame manufacturers of sugary soda drinks? Fast food restaurants that cluster in poor neighborhoods?” Marshall argued.

“Whoever came up with this really does not understand the link between psychobiological and obesity,” she continued. “For example, if you have an obese mother you’re much more likely to become obese.”

Marshall went on to list a whole host of reasons why someone may become obese, never once conceding that people should take personal responsibility for their weight.

Carlson’s confused face throughout the segment spoke volumes, and he eventually responded to Marshall by laughing, “I may drown here.”


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