This Year, Get Mom The Gift Of Wine

Mike Raust

The Daily Dealer Contributor
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Moms love wine. You know it. Your mom knows it. Your wife knows it. Everybody knows it. With Mother’s Day coming up, you have to decide what to get the mothers in your life. You certainly have options. Flowers are a classic. Makeup (made in the USA!) is another good idea. How about jewelry? But there may be no better gift idea than wine.

If you want to thank Mom with a bottle of wine, you have some options. You can get her a bottle (or several) of Les Deplorables wine:

Les Deplorables wine — $15

Or you could help her celebrate our president’s historic victory with 306 Wine:

306 Wine — $15

Or you could give her the gift that keeps on giving – a subscription to the Daily Caller wine club. The Daily Caller wine club delivers four wines to your doorstep each month, starting at under $30.

The best part about all these options? These not only offer Mom delicious vino this year, but proceeds go to fighting liberal bias in media. Talk about a win-win!

Join the Daily Caller Wine Club today!