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NBC Gets Delusional About ‘EXCLUSIVE’ Interview With President Trump

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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I know I’m asking the impossible.

But can the next member of the national media who interviews President Trump say they’re interviewing the nation’s commander-in-chief and not call it exclusive?

In a release issued Monday, NBC announced that “Nightly News” anchor  Lester Holt has an “EXCLUSIVE” interview with Trump.

But come on, people.

Considering that so many journalists have sat down with Trump — including Breitbart News Political Editor Matthew Boyle in the Oval Office — can we please stop calling this so-called “wide-ranging” horse shit exclusive?

Let’s name a few other outlets who have interviewed Trump lately: In early April, Financial Times interviewed him. Others: Fox News, The Washington Examiner, The Washington Post, New York Post, CBS’s “Face the Nation” host John Dickerson and NYT‘s Maggie Haberman (who the president routinely calls even though he supposedly despises the outlet).

Now. If Trump happens to say something that is outlandish or unique in his interview with Lester, fine. Then…THEN call it exclusive. And not before.

We’ll be watching Thursday and Friday to see if tells Lester anything he has never told any member of the media before.

The Mirror reached out to NBC News Publicist Jake Urbanski for insight on how and why the network is calling this an “exclusive.”