Rep. Blum Angrily Storms Out Of Interview [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Republican Iowa Rep. Rod Blum, surrounded by elementary school children, stormed out of an interview with a local television station after being asked questions about ID requirements for a town hall.

Blum and KCRG-TV9 agreed to hold the interview prior to a town hall in his district, but it was cut short when Blum became angered by the line of questioning by the TV station’s investigative reporter.

Josh Scheinblum, the reporter, asked the Iowa representative why he was requiring attendees of the town hall to have IDs, and Blum said, “because we want people from the first district to be at our town halls, we don’t want people from outside of the first district.”

Scheinblum asked if Blum would still accept donations from outside of his district, and Blum said, “I’m done,” stood up and took off his mic.

“We just started,” Scheinblum said somewhat incredulously.

“This is ridiculous,” Blum retorted as he exited the room, followed by the young children who were stifling laughter and looks of shock.

According to KCRG-TV9, Blum “insisted” the children be there for the interview.


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