Hayes: I Have A ‘Strange Little Scoop’ On Trump’s Taxes [VIDEO]

Amber Athey White House Correspondent
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An MSNBC host is back on the subject of President Trump’s taxes, this time wondering whether or not Trump filed his 2016 tax return.

Chris Hayes promised a big reveal about Trump’s taxes before his Wednesday night show, tweeting, “We’ve got a strange little scoop on the President’s taxes on tonight’s show. It’s a very very weird one.”

The “scoop?”

White House officials and Trump’s tax lawyer chose not to comment to MSNBC on whether or not Trump had filed his 2016 tax return.

According to Hayes, this is very odd because previous presidents would release statements when they had filed their returns.

“This year, tax day came and went without that announcement,” the “All In” host chimed.

“So we asked the White House — not if the president would release his tax returns — simply if he filed his taxes this year,” he continued. “So both the White House and Trump’s personal tax lawyers are refusing to say whether the president filed his tax returns this year.”

“For some reason the people who should know [whether Trump filed or not] are refusing to answer.”


Hayes continued to press the issue on Twitter, writing, “We asked specifically if he filed for an extension.”

Spoiler alert, Chris: Nobody cares.

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