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Washington Area Lefty Journalist Is Now Living Out Of His Car


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
Font Size: founder and editor Dave Hughes, one of the most obnoxious bloggers in the Washington area, is now living out of his car.

“Living in my car in the parking lot of the Rehoboth Beach Wal-Mart,” Hughes announced Wednesday on Facebook. “Walking distance to the ‘world’s biggest liquor store,’ a Taco Bell, and a Wendys. Life is good!”

Hughes, with his characteristically bizarre beard that hangs from his chin in a thatch of unkempt silver fuzz, is supposed to close on a condo in Virginia in a few days to give him some financial relief. What happens there will determine his immediate future. If it goes through, it’ll give him a pile of cash. If not, he said, “Hell, I’ll still own the condo.”

For now, he’s living in a Walmart parking lot in Rehoboth, Del.

“Welcome to my new home,” he said in a YouTube video update. “…Got my camos on.”

He says he went to a 3 a.m. “radio gig” on Monday that “just didn’t work out.”

Hughes sees no shame in bragging about how “famous” he is.

“There’s a few lessons I’ve learned in life,” he began, in a rambling monologue. “One is if somebody knows you from the Internet…because I’m pretty famous amongst a small cadre of people…and then that person, who’s a friend of yours, hires you for a job, all of a sudden that relationship changes from being friendly and jocular and whatever to being employer and employee and it’s a whole different thing. Somewhere between those two things is a personal gray area. I didn’t quite walk it the way I should have. …There’s something that just didn’t jive there.”

Bottom line: “It ain’t gonna happen.”

Hughes said he’s covered for a few weeks.

When he’s not in his car, he’s staying with a friend in a house on the bay for a few days, maybe a week.

Hughes said he has no idea where he’ll wind up.

“Whoa, bug’s in my face,” he said, interrupting himself in his video.

“…It’s all kind of limbo for the moment. …But I am somewhat nomadic in my car.”

Hughes’ first newspaper job came just out of college at The Reston Times.

He started DCRTV in 1997 to blog about media in the DMV.

In a 2006 FishbowlDC interview, he was asked which one of the seven deadly sins he is.

“Lust, mainly,” he replied.